Media research (STRATEGIA DIGITAL Research ™)

We implement analysis models tailored to your needs in the field of market and media research as well as social media monitoring.

In the area of media research, for example, we offer you the Strategia Digital Research model. This is a proven, qualitative and quantitative analysis method that is supported by various tools. We generally recommend the following procedure:


The STRATEGIA DIGITAL studies in the field of media research consist of seven freely selectable analysis modules:

Module 1: Media Presence

  • How present are companies, their products and managers in the media?
  • How high is the share of voice in the competitor set?
  • In which thematic contexts is the company reported on?
  • In which media (print, online media and social web) are companies present and how?
  • How high is the media exposure in different countries, regions and media types?

Module 2: Media tendencies and media reputation

  • What is the tendency of the media to report on companies and competitors?

  • Which reputation topics - such as success, market position or innovation - of the companies are highlighted positively in the media, which aspects are criticized?
  • Which image strengths and image weaknesses are attributed to the companies or competitors?
  • What is the media image like in individual media or media groups?
  • What media image do the companies have in individual countries and regions?

Module 2: Media CEO profile

  • How present are the CEOs and top management of companies in the media?

  • Which characteristics of the CEO and top management (board members) are discussed in the media? How and under what aspects is top management rated? Which image dimensions are assigned to the managers?
  • How are top managers positioned compared to the competition?
  • On which topics do the top managers of the companies concerned express their views?

Module 4: Campaign Monitoring (Input-Output Analysis)

  • How high is the control potential of the company's reporting?

  • How efficient are the company's communication activities?
  • Which messages or positioning features of the company are picked up by the media?
  • What media attention and response do the company's press activities achieve?

STRATEGIA DIGITAL Research analyzes reporting and user activity in the social web as well as companies and competitors in terms of media quantity and quality as well as on corporate, management and product level.

Module 5: Medial recommendation market
  • How strong are the companies under review in the “media recommendation market”?

  • Which aspects of the company and its competitors are positively highlighted in the quoted analyst assessments, which aspects are criticized?
  • What buy or sell recommendations do the analysts make for the shares of the companies under review?

Module 6: Issue and influencer analysis
  • How extensively are certain topics reported in the media? How do certain topic careers develop?

  • What tendency is developing in the media on relevant topics (pro / contra, harm / benefit, chance / risk)?
  • Which actors are involved in the exchange of views? How do you position yourself?
  • How is the company characterized in the media in connection with certain topics / issues?
  • What communication opportunities and risks arise for companies from the media presentation and popularization of a topic on the social web?

Module 7: Medial economic climate
  • How important is it in the media economic situation?
  • What is the trend in the media presentation of the economy?

  • Which topics and indicators are in the foreground? Which aspects are positive and negative?

  • Which sources shape the reporting? Which industries and regions are covered? What is the time frame for reporting on the economic situation? What is the media tendency in relation to the current economic situation, what are the media economic expectations?

We conduct continuous workshops and market studies in cooperation with market leaders Tool provider by. We implement examination models tailored to your needs. We offer you a wide range of services in the field of market and media research as well as social media monitoring and media response analyzes.


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