E-commerce in Europe: The strongest growth markets 2012 - 2017


E-commerce in Europe: The strongest growth markets 2012 - 2017

E-commerce in Europe is growing like never before. By 2017, online trading is expected to grow by 70%

According to a Forrester study, e-commerce in Europe is developing as one of the largest growth markets in the world. According to this, online retail sales will reach the 191 billion euro mark within the next three years. That is a significantly higher number than the currently known 113 billion. Unsurprisingly, Spain and Italy represent the strongest e-commerce growth markets across the continent (18% and 16% annually).

E-commerce trend in Germany

In many European countries, e-commerce will be seen as an essential part of the economy, and even more so than expected. This shows that consumer acceptance of online offers is increasing and, on the other hand, that retailers are increasingly using the Internet as a sales channel. In Germany, for example, this trend can be seen in online grocery sales, such as one Survey of the Hamburg business consultants Fittkau & Maaß approved. However, the results of the survey show that the big players, such as Amazon, REWE and eBay, benefit most from it, but so do smaller online supermarkets, such as Lebensmittel.de or MyTime.de gain market share. In Germany, the e-commerce market is expected to grow from 7% to 10% by 2017.

E-commerce trend in Europe

The Forrester Papper forecasts an average annual growth rate of 11% for the 17 EU countries that were analyzed. This development is attributed to the purchasing behavior, purchase expectations of consumers and purchase conditions. In particular, the following factors play an important role: saving money, mobile shop access and the breadth of the range (compared to stationary retail).


Forrester: European Online Retail Forecast, 2012 To 2017

The UK and Germany show a more mature e-commerce market that, although far from saturation, will grow more slowly than Spain and Italy.

Still, retailers need to invest in optimization and innovation to stay competitive

The data from the Forrester study also shows that by 2017 more than half of sales will be generated from audiovisual media sales over the Internet. In addition, online ordering generates half of book sales.

Another sector that promises great growth is online grocery sales. By 2017, the experts estimate that European buyers will spend around 10 billion on food and drinks online. Not only customer turnover is to be expected here, but also additional costs for investments in mobile technologies (Shopping apps) and innovative digital strategies.

Consumers are changing their consumption behavior.

One reason for this seems to be the improved purchasing conditions, and not just for online shops. The largest retail company in Europe, Carrefoure, headquartered in France, has a shopping service with corresponding mobile App Names “Mon Panier” Introduced in local stores to buy groceries with smartphones.

e-commerce in europa

Shopping app: “Mon Panier” (Carrefour)

The strongest e-commerce growth markets: Spain and Italy

Despite the bad phase (not only in football) that Spain and Italy are in, online sales will increase by EUR 9.1 billion in Spain and EUR 8.3 billion in Italy by 2017 . That corresponds to an annual growth of 18% in Spain and 16% in Italy.

The main e-commerce tools and solutions:

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