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Monitoring tools evaluation

You can find more than 300 monitoring tools for media monitoring, social media and PR on the internet and that is just the start. Why? Because in the monitoring universe ...

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Qualitative analysis methods

Today it is about qualitative analysis methods. In other words, we want to classify analytical methods for qualitative data into two groups. This is a little easier to miss if we know the origin of qualitative data such as texts from newspapers, films, television, e-mail or written or transcribed texts of any kind.

The advances in the IT industry also influence the development of social science approaches. The measurement of eye movement (attention), the conversion of handwritten documents into digitally readable formats, the automatic transcription of interviews using speech recognition software also facilitate the acquisition and management of data in the context of qualitative analyzes.

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Press mailing lists, press portals and press releases: the e-book (free)

The “E-Book Press Release in Online PR” by Matthias M. Meringer is a free! Reference work on press releases, press portals, press distribution lists, online press work, but also content management. As part of the e-book, initially published as a series of articles, Meringer compiled a list of 129 press portals and 6 press distribution lists from Germany and added 33 international press portals . 

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E-commerce in Europe: The strongest growth markets 2012 - 2017

E-commerce in Europe is growing like never before. By 2017, online trading is expected to grow by 70%

According to a Forrester study, e-commerce in Europe is developing as one of the largest growth markets in the world. According to this, online retail sales will reach the 191 billion euro mark within the next three years. That is a significantly higher number than the currently known 113 billion. Unsurprisingly, Spain and Italy represent the strongest e-commerce growth markets across the continent (18% and 16% annually).

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Big Data Experten

Big data experts you should know

If content is king, is big data god?

This question remains so unfathomable and sacred for many companies. On the other hand, there are a number of big data experts who can demonstrably bear this title. But the truth is, big data definitely has the potential to grow your company's annual revenue, and it will likely soon be a permanent fixture on your balance sheet. Big data itself is nothing new. However, the handling of collected customer and company data is new.

But Big data, in English “large amount of data”, is only as good as how you evaluate this data. A bundle of codes in your company's management cloud does not make your management tools smarter. Of course, the goal should be to make these numbers useful.

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Brandwatch Social Media Monitoring Review

1. Tool Categories for (Social) Media Monitoring

The classification of tools is not very simple because many tool vendors use the term “social media monitoring” in their marketing efforts even if the tools are not primarily social media monitors. On the other hand there are tools that have more interesting functionality eg media analysis capabilities, but sometimes it can happen that vendors forget to talk about such features. In this article will present criteria for evaluation of the tool offerings and provide tips for their selection.

In the last post of the blog series on Social Media Today, I have defined five categories of monitoring tools. Category one highlighted “Media Monitoring” indicating tools which are suitable for both traditional online media and social media monitoring. They also support social media engagement, analytics and content automation. 

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Top 5 media monitoring tools for media research and social media

1. Media Monitoring Tools: Categories

The classification of monitoring tools is not that simple, because many tool providers use the term social media monitoring in their marketing - even if they do not primarily monitor social media. This goes so far that you sometimes even forego the presentation of interesting functionalities. In this article, we develop standards for assessing the tool offerings and give tips for selection.
In the last post in the blog series, we defined five categories for monitoring tools. Category one outlines "Media Monitoring": that is, tools that are suitable for both classic online media monitoring and social media monitoring. In addition, they support social media engagement, analytics and content automation. The following picture illustrates this classification:

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Media monitoring tools for media monitoring and social media

If you want to observe the web and the social web, you don't have to do everything by hand. He has an army of willing helpers at his disposal, the so-called media monitoring tools.

They are, if you will, the minions of social media management. And what a bunch is waiting: overviews from the Fraunhofer Institute, Goldbach Interactive, Medienbewachen and SOMEMO, for example, list more than 300 media monitoring tools for media monitoring and PR management. And this by no means covers everyone - also because new children are born into the monitoring universe every day. We want that Optimize monitoring service and keep track. We have therefore examined a large number of these offers from a professional point of view. We present the best tools in a five-part series.

The individual tools have different characters depending on their purpose. In order to be able to compare them with one another, a categorization is recommended first. We have identified five areas of application for which the respective media monitoring tools are best suited:

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